Sunday, December 19

What I've been up to this week

My studio has been very neglected this week. I only visited to wrap and label presents - no crafts. Instead, I want into baking overdrive. 15 dozens of sugar cookies, 250 chocolate Grand Marnier truffles, various other creations for Christmas parties. 

Lots and lots of cookies

I'm glad I am taking some vacation time starting Monday evening to rest up. This time of the year is always a bit stressful. There is so much to think of. The days were stretching from 6AM until 1 or 2AM.  The list kept being scary so I ended up crossing a couple of items off to keep my sanity:
- Christmas cards - done 
- Handmade gifts - done - removed from present list : the play tent 
- Handmade ornaments - done  - removed from the list : bunting and garlands
- Holiday baking - done - removed from the list : gingerbread
- Photo album - Postponed 
- Holiday shopping - Mostly done - I have 2 more days next week to finish since I refuse to brave the weekend crowds at the mall
Still on the list: 
- Plan Christmas eve menu and grocery shopping for the family visiting
- Cook and bake some more

Unexpected items: 
- Straighten up the family room that is cluttered due to the water heater almost disaster
- Paint the baseboard that my hubby suddenly decided to replace (I'm still wondering about this one...)

Added item: 
- Take a long hot tub or 2 since the new water heater provides unlimited hot water on demand
- My letter to Santa : can I have time for a nap please ?

How's your Christmas list coming along ? 

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