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Tutorial - Satin ornaments

Last friday, this little tutorial was first revealed @ Sumo's Sweet Stuff but in case you missed it there it is again:
- Fabric scraps - I chose satin and organza because I regularly raid the Joann's remnants bins to make dress up clothes and I always have a selection at home.

- If you are using satin or organza some Fray check
- Ribbon or golden string - about 5" per ornament
- Stuffing material - like Fiberfil
- Tissue paper and pencil
- Pins
- Sewing needles and thread
- Pinking scissors
- Sewing machine (optional but preferred)
- PDF pattern - or your own shapes- (I tested a lot of different ones and these worked the best)

First trace the outline of the ornaments on tissue paper - Not only is it faster to trace on tissue paper than on fabric but for lightweight fabrics it helps prevent puckering/bunching while machine stitching.

Cutout the shapes and place on your fabric - Leave a 1/4 inch sewing allowance when positioning the shapes. The fabrics should be placed right side together.
I used 3 layers for these ornaments : 2 layers of satin and 1 layer of organza with sequins
Cut a piece of golden string or ribbon about 5" long and tie the ends as shown below. The knot will prevent the string from getting pulled out from the seam.
Pin the string in position, making sure you are between the "outside" layers if you are using more than 2 layers and that the knot will be inside once the stitching is done.

Stitch the outline with your sewing machine, leaving a small opening (3/4 inch) preferably on a straight segment.

Pull the tissue paper away

With the pinking scissors, cutout the shapes leaving a 1/4 inch allowance
Dab some FrayCheck on the opening if you are using satin
Carefully clip excess fabric in the "peaks" and make a notch in each "groove" to avoid bulk/puckering once you turn the items right side out. There is a great tutorial here.
Turn the ornaments right side out
Carefully stuff each item and sew the opening. Remember that overstuffing will make it harder to stitch
A few stitches to close the opening (this is actually the step that takes the longest)
and there you are:

It is so fast I made four dozens of those in a weekend to give away and use on my tree and around the house. I even personalized a couple

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  1. Those are GREAT! Thank you so much for linking it up to gettin' crafty on hump day!!!! :)

  2. Those are so pretty and shimmering. Thanks for linking :).


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