Thursday, December 2

Taking the evening off

It looks like I have just been overdoing it lately. Long days, not enough sleep, and cherry on the cake, a drastic change of weather giving me a terrible headache since yesterday: I'm just too tired. Even the pressure of a deadline could get me into my studio. So I'm taking the evening off. Well not completely. Obviously a bit of blogging and more flowers have been taking shapes while I've been indulging on my favorite TV shows cuddling in a cosy blanket.

An announcement too: tomorrow I'm going to be visiting another blogger for a new tutorial to make Fabric ornaments just like these.

So tomorrow head over to 

Sumo's Sweet Stuff

Sumo's Sweet Stuff just makes me smile and is such a great source of inspirations. How can one not love it !

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  1. Get some rest - I know how important it is and wouldn't want others to miss out on it!!


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