Tuesday, December 7

Christmas gift exchange - What I received

Silly me, I forgot about checking the mail since Saturday. Thankfully, an email reminded me about it {wink}. The box was chockfull of advertising, bills (meh) and Christmas cards. But I had to toss all of that aside to open that big envelope coming from Dee, my exchange partner. 
I opened it and I almost squealed! Look at that gorgeous little bag. It's a piece of spring and summer to keep my heart all cosy and toasty through the long weeks until the sun gets warm again. It's sunshine and joy. It's almost an excuse to ditch my laptop and get an iPad - if Santa could take care of that - in the meantime, it's the perfect size for a small sewing project like fabric flowers.

And look at the fabulous buttons

And the pockets

And this sweet batik she used as a lining
I'm so happy. This bag just makes me smile.

And then, tucked inside with a sweet card, there was the cherry on the cake. Dee made a lovely art deco inspired glass pendant necklace. So sweet and delicate, the picture of a mother and daughter in a tender embrace. A lovely gift from a mother to another mother.

Thank you so much Dee, your precious gifts will long be cherished !
And thank you Linda for picking out the perfect gift exchange partner for me


  1. What gorgeous creations, especially the bag! Dee has done an amazing job - lucky you. :)

  2. Oh my gosh, she sure spoiled you! What great and thoughtful gifts' and thanks for showing them off. I lobe seeing what everyone made'

    Thank you for the sweet comments on my blog! Madee feel tons better. :)


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