Sunday, December 26

New toys!! And giveaway extended

I don't know about you but Santa must have decided I was a good girl this year because I found a lot of toys under the tree: new telephoto lens and other gadgets for my DSLR camera, a tripod that doubles as a monopod, fabrics and more craft goodies.

I've started playing with the new photo gear and loving it.

I took this picture with only the tree lights on, using the timer and my tripod
So cool

 All I need now is to finish my light box and I'll be all set. Yipee!!

On a side note, I realized a lot of my dear readers must have been either out of town or like me way too busy spending time with the family to think about blogworld so I decided to extend the CSN gift card giveaway until December 30th. You can still enter here

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