Monday, April 18

A piece of perfection

Saturday, a terrible storm swept through the region, the rain and wind where impressive and we had several severe weather warnings throughout the afternoon and evening. Then Sunday came. And it was like spring had exploded everywhere, the sky bluer than blue all scrubbed clean from the storm. Bug and I played in the backyard after lunch. The sun felt so wonderfully warm, a little breeze swayed the branches and was bringing all the smells of spring. 

So I just grabbed my camera and Bug and off we went to chase pretty flowers together.

The prettiest of all the flowers was holding my hand and enjoying the sun just as much as I was. We had to stop every 3 steps to take pictures of all flowers, including dandelions.

Spring never ceases to amaze me. The transition between the bald branches and this fireworks of blooms is magical. Bug took it all in, the flowers, the butterflies, the birds, the peacefulness.


Life is not perfect, nor should it be. To appreciate the best moments, you have to experience the other sides of life, the bad and the ugly. This winter has been a succession of. those trying moments. But this Sunday, everything just came together.  Like after a  life storm, Bug is no longer sick, I am feeling better, stronger.My father in law is doing as well as we could possibly  hope for.

Spring is turning the world into a symphony of delicate greens, pinks and yellows. The brushstrokes of the Grandmaster touched the Earth and the sky.

As soon as my laptop is back from getting repaired, I am getting some prints of all those precious captured moment. Just to not forget when things are not so good.

I did have a little piece of perfection.

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