Sunday, April 24

What I've been up to this week - week 17

Even though I am feeling better it still doesn't take that much to make me tired.I needed to save my energy for a big DYI project that is way overdue: We need to replace the handrail from our deck. We had a quote to get it done.. $700, but after we figured out he supplies came down to $250, the decision was easy. Some more sweat equity poured into our house. We got the pre-assembled treated lumber rail sections at the hardware store and I spent the afternoon staining them since out HOA requires it to be brown (bleh!) but I didn't want to paint it. All done. All sore. 

Unfortunately my laptop is still non-functional. It makes  blogging complicated and emailing unpractical at best. A friend is making a last ditch effort to resurrect it. Fingers and toes crossed. It's been 2 weeks and I'm so behind responding to emails already. Sorry. I will catch up as soon as I can.

Altogether, not much in the sewing and crafting department this week. I have a big week ahead of me. and  I have been so worried, like any mama  bear worries about their cubs.Wednesday we have a meeting with Bug's educational team and figure out what will be the best option for Kindergarten. 2 years ago when she started the special ed pre-k, we were so sure she would be able to integrate a regular kindergarten class. Last year we were still hopeful. It is clear now that my sweet lovebug is not ready for regular school. Not without some help. I feel so crushed, inadequate, I wonder what went wrong, or whether there was more that I could have done earlier. It is eating me alive. ll the rest seems so vain.

I still made this little clutch for a girlfriend since I had promised it.

and squeezed in one more pillowcase for Carol before shipping her parcel

 Bug and I did some baking

We all ate way too much chocolate

We hope you had a great week and a wonderful Easter

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  1. Your energy amazes me. I have piles and piles of "to-do"s and always wind up with what feels like "very little." Good luck this week on the deck and post pics! Keep the inspiration coming!


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