Thursday, April 14

Venting post - Now I REALLY want to scream

I usually don't mention much beyond my crafting addiction and some family events in this blog but I have to make an exception this time. Because enough is enough and I'm beyond tired and exasperated of poor customer service.

Here is the back story. Sunday night 9PM, my little bug wakes up screaming in pain. Off to the nighttime clinic, we go. Double ear infection. Ugh! Poor bug. So I stayed at home with her (thanks boss for letting me doing that!). Last night, still 100 of fever. After 3 full days of antibiotics she should be better. So this morning, we went to the pediatrician's office. Verdict: She's not worse, but not better either. New prescription for antibiotics is sent electronically to the pharmacy at my local Giant Grocery store. Up to that point, it's a boring story right? Well the interesting part is coming up.

After the doctor's appointment (45 mins after), I head to the grocery store to pickup said prescription. Pharmacy clerk tells me it takes up to an hour to get through and it's not there yet. OK. I take a phone number to call back the pharmacy and check on the status. And about one hour after I call back. I  wait on hold for 15 minutes with the answering system. I hang up and try again after 10 minutes. This time I only wait 5 minutes and finally speak to the pharmacy tech (note not the pharmacist). He puts me on hold while he checks. I was close by on my way home from grabing lunch so I make the detour to the pharmacy in case it's ready. Still on hold....  Still on hold... I'm at the store. I drive by the front door. And what do I see. The same pharmacy technician that put me on hold 10 minutes earlier sitting on a bench in plain sight. Taking a smoke break. HELLO !??!! I was so shocked I just drove back home. Still on hold. I get home and finally speak to the guy again. He announces the prescription is still not there. OK I'm really annoyed but these things can happen. Next I call my Dr's office and wait some more on hold to find ou what is going on with the prescription. The nurse confirms to me the prescription has been sent at 11:30AM and is there... has been all along. At that point  it is past 2PM and I am litterally FUMING !!

I ended waiting another 20 minute on the phone to speak to a manager. Oh funny, the store called back that my prescription was ready 10 mins later.
Total minutes wasted = way too many

Guess where I won't be shopping anymore. Like NEVER EVER. 

PS: Can you believe a grocery store allows their employees to take a smoke break 50 feet from the store entrance, for all customers to see, and inhale? I used to be a smoker... Never ever did any of the companies I worked for not have a deisgnated place, away from customers and co-workers for smoking (if smoking was even allowed on company property).

Done ranting. Regular programming will resume now.


  1. Wow, that is unreal! Sorry you had such a bad experience. =( Hope she's better soon!

  2. Having worked in customer service, the treatment you received was terrible! I hope she's better soon, it is hard when they are sick, we wish we could take it for them.

  3. j'espere que ca s'arranger pour ta puce, les oreilles sont tellement sensibles! Et bon courage pour toi, un bon coup de gueule et ca repart!

  4. So frustrating isn't it, especially when it is a kid whose waiting like that for meds! Now to convert all of that 'anger' energy into something more creating your beautiful flowers or something..mmm!

  5. That was a bad experience indeed.. I'm sorry to hear that...Daniel


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