Thursday, April 21

One more pillow

This piece of fabric was given to me. I was a swatch for a really great quality fabric. I liked it a lot but there is nothing in my house that will even remotely match this color scheme. So I decided to make one more pillow to send to Carol.  for her cushion cover drive.

Whimsical Garden

And the previously completed pillowcases


Chicky Bloom
I love Faeries

Blogger's Pillow Party


  1. Beautiful, Caroline. Great cause, too.

  2. Oh they are beautiful, thank you for sending me an extra one too! The cushions we have already sent to Theodore..Central Queensland, Australia..have been really well received and loved. I am sure we'll find good deserving homes for these too.

  3. These pillows are lovely! I love all your different styles!
    Visiting you from Tater Tots and jello!

  4. Aren't pillows fun to make? Great job!

  5. Very Cute! come and join our party:

  6. these are all lovely and what a good cause, too! thanks for sharing!


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