Thursday, April 14

More pillows for down under

A couple of weeks ago I promised more pillows for Carol's cushion cover drive. She makes and gathers cushions for families recently struck by flooding in Queensland (Australia). More stash digging yielded 3 more covers. Two are definitely going to make some little girls happy.  Flowers and pixies. I better hide them before my daughter tries to highjack them for her bedroom.

This third one is bold to say the least. The block was a discard (a discard !!??!!)  from another quilter. I sashed it in orange satin and it really pops. I had a great time putting it together even though each time I cut satin, I get all huffy about all the fraying.

100 % still stashbusting
100% happy about finishing this project
I may even make a couple more if I can sneak some time in the studio tonight


  1. Hi Caroline..I am thrilled, they're so special. I can't wait to get them to have a look 'in person' before sending them on! Thank you so much xox

  2. What a great stashbusting idea!!! I need to dig into my own =) They are beautiful!

  3. They look great, love the purple and orange starburst one!

  4. I like the first one. Beautiful work.

  5. what a fantastic way to help out some families in need, i love it!


  6. What a great way to use up your stash and to help people at the same time! Love them!

  7. Great project! Thanks for linking to Quiltstory!

  8. Those are all fun! and great that they are being put to such great use!


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