Sunday, April 17

What I've been up to this week - week 16

With the nicer weather coming back, I was able to get some spray paint projects completed, some for the house.. and some just for fun like this batch of transformed Sobe bottles

I stumbled on this adorable bunny pattern and had to whip up a couple. Which were promply hijacked by my little one.


Like any mom with a sick child,  I was pretty worried and stressed out  about my kid not getting better. Thankfully my poor little bug seems to be finally on the mend. I'm also feeling better everyday. After month of feeling ostantly tired, I finally have some energy. I was able to catch up on most of the tasks I have put off since December and it feels good be able to cross so many things off my backlog to-do list, not only for the household but some other projects : I just finished one dress and two skirts yesterday, pictures to come very soon. And as promised,  I did finish some more cushion covers to send to Australia.

All week, I've been blogging from the familly computer... in the kitchen - Frustrating. My laptop is still unusable *SOB* but my husband found someone that will hopefully be able to solve the problem. Surgery Soldering is scheduled for tomorrow.

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