Saturday, April 2

A second life

Do you have a favorite sweater you wear over and over and over. I do. The thing with well loved sweaters is they end up with pulled yarn or worse a hole. When I found a big gaping hole in the sleeve of my favorite black jacket I was sad. My knitting/crochet skills are totally insufficient. Who am I kidding: I can't knit beyond the absolute basic. SO I put my beloved jacket away at the bottom of my "to mend" basket, not quite ready to say goodbye but still thinking there was no way I could fix it. Or was there?

I decided that I had to take a chance with what I knew best: sewing. So here is the rescued jacket:

No before pictures of the "victim" but this is the same model in cream to show you how it looked.
Not a great pic sorry but it gives the general idea

Since it is a cotton yarn therefore a spring jacket, I clipped the sleeves just above the elbows. Then I used a blanket stitch to finish the edge of the sleeves with a satin blanket binding ribbon from my stash. While I was sewing the binding on, I stretched the knit to give it this lettuce finish. Then I added the same binding to the bottom hem. 
It is no longer a plain black sweater. I love how it turned out.



  1. eres una artista reciclando, me gusta mucho tu idea, tal vez algún día me toque a mi rescatar una querida chaqueta de un agujero.
    Besos mil

  2. Absolutely spectacular save!! It looks adorable...

  3. Super upcycle!

  4. Good chic now - I love ruffles and red la la!

  5. Love it! I've been redoing my sweaters too. Stop by sometime

  6. The satiny red looks fabulous against the black! Great upcycle!

    Thanks for linking to a Round Tuit!
    Hope you have a great week!
    Jill @ Creating my way to Success

  7. Absolutely beautiful!!!nice upcycle:-)

  8. what a great upcycling idea! thanks for sharing!


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