Monday, April 25

Stashbusting month summary

Stash busting month went by fast. I didn't bust as much stash as I was thinking I would but on the other hand I was mostly out of commission for a whole week after my surgery so I think I can pat myself in the back.

I made some spring/summer clothes for Bug and she loves all of it.

The fabric bunnies were a hit.
My stash of Sobe bottles has found a new life
I have a brand new handbag that screams summer
I finally got a long overdue project on the road
and made some pillowcases for a good cause

No shopping but the Fabric Faerie still got her content - I won a giveaway, adding those lovelies to my loot

Not too bad!

Thanks Robin for hosting the challenge again.


  1. All in all a very productive month I think..I'm looking forward to seeing more of those cushions too!

  2. Again, your drive inspires me! That quilt is amazing!

  3. The summer bag is so pretty, you did get a lot done. Hope your surgery went well. I can see how the bunnies would be a hit, that bunny is so cute.
    Hope you're having a great week.


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