Tuesday, February 1


intr.v. hi·ber·nat·edhi·ber·nat·inghi·ber·nates
1. To pass the winter in a dormant or torpid state.
2. To be in an inactive or dormant state or period.
3. To be stricken by crafter's block. (just kidding)


  1. Oh Caroline, I am so sorry to hear the news about your father in law. Try to stay positive and I sending wishes of love and health to you all xxxx

    your winter wonderland pics are beautiful, I hope your crafters block unblocks soon for you lol xxx

  2. So pretty...and I'm ready for spring so I can unhibernate!

    Would love for you to link this to my Fridays Unfolded at http://www.stuff-and-nonsense.net/2011/02/fridays-unfolded-4.html

    New follower too!


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