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White knights' week - Holly's Spring chicks

Are you tired of winter yet ? I think I have seen enough snow for a while and I'm so ready to let a little whiff of spring in. Holly is the first of my White Knights who kindly offered to guest post while family matters are still front and center. 

Hi all! Thank you Caroline for letting me be a guest on your beautiful blog.
I admire your talents and creativity.
Before I go further (or as some would say on and on and on) let me introduced myself. I am Holly from 504 Main.  I cook, create, craft, and chat about all sorts of things over there. Today, I am sharing one of my favorite little projects.


I think it is time we all had a little burst of sunshine! If we cannot have the real thing, how about sunshine creating our own with sweet chicks in bright and happy colors.

I just love birds - always have - and then I became perhaps slightly obsessed with making some birdie crafts. I was on a mission!  These Spring Chicks are inspired by a layout featuring Heather Bailey for Mary Engelbreit's Home Companion {...a moment of silence now for it's demise}.

So, here are my Spring Chicks. They are cute, totally customizable and can be made with papers you have may already have in your house!

(The original version was called Chick on a stick !
but I got some weird google hits from that name)

-Template ...Click HERE for it.
-3 different prints or colors of decorative paper or cardstock {I used printed cardstock - Citrus Stack from DCWV to be exact - it holds the glue a little better}

-Glue - I used glue sticks and a little white glue {OK, I used Decoupage because I was too lazy to get up and it was right there.}

-Skewers or dowels (Craft stick can be substituted to make it more kid friendly)


-Scissors and/or Excato knife {and cutting mat}

-Paint/black button/gem/Sharpie {this is for making the eye...I used fabric paint, but a number of different items could work}

-Button or brad {for decorating wing}

-Ribbon {optional}


1. Decide which prints/colors will be used for what part of the bird.

2. Trace template on back of the paper.

HINT/TIP: I cut out a few pieces of each in all three patterns and then mixed and matched from there...It was easy and fun to have the pieces all available and then be able to play with patterns and colors from there.

3. Cut out 2 {a front and back} of each piece.*

4. Layout your birds

5. Glue the body insert onto the bird outline for each side {do not glue the side together yet}.

6. Lay one of the birds wrong side up and spread glue around. I then put some Decoupage {or white glue} in a line where the skewer was to go, and place skewer.

7. Glue two birds together {with the skewer sandwiched between them}. NOTE: Craft stick can be substituted to make it more kid friendly.

8. Glue one of the wings and place on front side of the bird.**

9. Glue the other wing and match up on the opposite side of bird...the wings glue together at the top and then to the body of the bird at the bottom. 

10. Decoupage your bird once you get it all assembled and before decorating the beak or eyes…It looks fab and it sturdy!

11. Paint/Place a small amount of glue where the beak is and sprinkle glitter on it.

12. Glue a small button {or gem, etc.} at the point where the wings "attach" to the body.***

13. Place eye either with paint or glue on gem or button.

14. Let dry.

{You may want to finish off both sides of the bird depending on where/how you are going to display it.}

15. Cut lengths of ribbon and tie to base of the chick.

Winged Bird Variation

*Step 3: If you make a winged bird you will need 4 wings. 

**Step 8: Glue wings together.  

***Step 11: Punch a hole in each wing and in the body of the bird and insert brad.


-The sticks easily poke into a plant. I am so using these as a centerpiece in my ornamental Kale...tres cute!

-I also L-O-V-E-D them in my Mason Jars. First I filled the jar about about 2/3 full with dried split peas {you could use other dried beans or even sand depending on your color scheme}. Then added some moss to fill in the top and just stuck my Chick on a Stick in there...I LOVE it!

-I didn't get there, but they would also look so cute hanging from some branches or on a wreath for Spring!

Just a variation...different colors, different feels! 
So many ideas! I bet you all have some too!

Thank you Caroline for letting me stop by.
I'll keep your family in my thoughts and prayers. 

Now, go get crafting!

504 Main

Thank you again Holly your lovely little chicks. I hope to soon have time to make some with my daughter and have them ready to display in our yards as soon as Spring arrives.


  1. So cute! I need to make these ASAP to get rid of the winter blahs at our house. And those birds ... to die for cute!

  2. Those are so sweet Holly! I am so ready for spring and they are just perfect!! :)


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