Monday, January 31

Thank you - 3 times thank you

Thank you so very much to all that took the time to write a support message. I truly appreciate the kindness and it helps tremendously. Kindness and empathy are such a blessing.

I'm still in a bit of a crafting slump (all I have done lately are fabric flowers) but I used up the time organizing and de-cluttering the house some more. I have a trunkful of various items to be donated to Goodwill and a cleared up guest bedroom to show for it. 

Amie (Kittycats and Airplanes) and I may be going craft shopping together this weekend. I hope we can work it out and hopefully the inspiration will kick back in for both of us.

In the meantime, does anybody fancy guest-posting ? If you do, please email me.

Oh and I just noticed the counter ... 250, I say wow, whoop whoop and thank you for joining my blogging experience. Stay tuned because there will be some very special gifts for you very very soon. 

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