Monday, February 7

How much I love her

Tonight my 4-year old princess showered me with kisses. She saw me just resting for a moment after a really long frustrating day at work and she just announced : "I'm going to kiss your ears", and kissed my ears, "Now I'm going to kiss your cheeks, your eyes, your nose, your neck, your chin, your forehead, your eyebrows" and kissed all of the above. Then she gave me the sweetest hug. My cuddle bug!

How much I love her...


  1. What an empathetic little girl.

    Darling photo.

  2. Oh my gosh how sweet! Don't you just love when they are sensitive to how we feel?

    Thanks for the comment you left on my post about the nightmares. (I couldn't reply by email.) As much as I hate to hear of another child (and parent) having to go through that, I'm glad I'm finding out that it isn't uncommon. I was really starting to worry.

    Have a great night!


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