Thursday, February 17

Progress report - Blue checkers

Yesterday I showed my new ironing board cover in action. I'm not a big fan of ironing, I go to great length to avoid it. I make extra sure when I buy clothes that they do not require ironing and I fold or hang everything right out off the dryer when I do laundry. I really only use my iron/ironing board for sewing/quilting. Really. 

I iron the fabrics before cutting, ten again after piecing... 
So those where my blocks, pieced and ironed on Tuesday night

 After which I laid them on the floor to decide of the layout. And that's where they stayed overnight.

Last night I didn't get home until past 7:30 pm but I still managed to piece all 9 rows.

Tomorrow I should be done with the top. Or should I say this side of the quilt. 

Yeah I plan on piecing the other side too.
Crazy me. 

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