Friday, February 18

Knock off is a knock out !

I'm quite blown away by the awesome feedback I received about the handbag knock off I finished last weeks.

I'm still trying to balance the new family dynamics and I didn't get a chance to respond to all those comments via email yet (got to save some time to craft too) but thank you everybody that took the time to write. 
You rock !

After the stressful past couple of weeks it feel wonderful to be back to crafting, blogging and it's such a great feeling to knock one out of the park! 44 comments and 3 features !! 

Thank you Michelle, Rebekah and Heather

 SOooo who wants a tutorial ? 

Updated Feb 20th
Some more features !?!

Copycat Crafts   

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  1. You deserve the accolades, Caroline. The bag is absolutely fabulous! Amazing knock-off. Glad you're back.


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