Saturday, January 22

What I've been up to this week - Week 4

Not the best week on record. As usual when I'm on call at work, everything else is affected. Crafting time was as scarce as sleep. I did squeeze a couple of hours of crafting (mostly last Saturday with Amie).   A couple of hours of join efforts yielded a dozen Valentine's hearts.

Satin Valentine's heart
I played some more with beads and made a green yellow and peacock necklace for me and a pink heart necklace for my little bug.

Peacock necklace

Pink heart necklace
My sewing machine didn't work very heard this week. Only this pillowcase got finished.

Stripped pillow
Lastly I figured out the solution of my engineering issue with the play tent and it's is now standing strong so I'm now putting the finishing touches. A few more days and it'll be read to ship to my nieces.
Play tent

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  1. sounds like you actually did a lot for not doing much! love the cute little tent, your niece is going to love it. The hearts came out so cute and they can be used in so many ways for decorating. Looks like you've been having lost of fun!


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