Monday, January 3

Ruffled apron

Among the number of handmade gifts I sewed for this pas Christmas, there is one that stands out because I know how much time I saved on it just by using my ruffler foot. I made a holiday inspired apron for my mother in law. The execution time: under 2 hours including selecting and cutting the fabrics. I didn't have a pattern or a tutorial to follow but it turned out pretty good.

Check this out :

More important than anything, my mother in law loved it


  1. I just got a ruffler foot, and used it for the very first time. Love the fabric you used for the apron. And I just love your blog design too.

  2. Your apron turned out gorgeous! I have been looking for a ruffle foot for my sewing machine. I need one.
    I'm glad your m-i-l loved her gift.
    Hugs Cindy

  3. That turned out great! Thanks for linking it up! :)

  4. I love the apron, love the colors, and love the ruffle at the bottom. Love. I also make aprons. In fact I've been making aprons since I was 10 years old. Good work. Linda

  5. It is lovely! I would have loved the gift too!
    Thanks for linking up to Making It With Allie! I can't wait to see what you have for next week!

  6. This is so pretty, feminine and Christmasy. Can you tell me if you can adjust the ruffle foot for more or less ruffling? Hugs, Kim

  7. Linda said so well. I'm the mother-in-law and I'm trying to figure out how to where it out and show it to the world. I've already wow's them with my scarf. Loving hugs, Mom P.


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