Monday, January 24

More organized

As I mentioned in a previous post,  after spending much time reorganizing and de-cluttering over my holiday break, I've changed the way I handle the everyday household "maintenance". It's been working quite well for the most part and freed some time to tackle some overdue organization. 

I have a few sewing, crafting books that had been tucked in a box when my studio moved from a corner of the guest room to the basement and forgotten in the process. Also forgotten in a box, crafting and quilting magazines, my sewing machine's manual and sewing patterns. I stumbled on all this while de-cluttering the house. They needed a new home in the new studio. An organized home. 

Last time I went to Ikea I had grabbed a few magazine organizers and this weekend just turned out to be the right time to get this all done. All is now there, sorted by type and season. Hmm a tad OCD maybe.

I so like having everything so handy and still not in the way.

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  1. The beginning of a new year - tis the season to organize.


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