Saturday, January 8

What I've been up to this week - Week 1 & 2

The past 2 weeks have been quite busy. I took a break from work for the holidays and took advantage of it to spruce up the house: cleaning, painting, de-cluttering were on the menu. It feels good to start the new year with a clean and organized home. The challenge will be to keep it that way. 
I also decided to change a few things in my weekly routine as well. I used to leave the laundry for weekends. No more: one load per evening as necessary, folding the new day while watching the local 6pm news. I also tidy up one room for 15 minutes everyday. Suddenly, my weekend is no longer the dreaded chore list to go through. More time to spend with the family, and in my studio of course. This is what took shape over the past 2 weeks: 


  1. Caroline,

    I NEED your energy! Your projects (as always) look awesome! Especially smitten with the teal necklace. *Swoon*

  2. Love the pillow!

    Found you on a blog hop and am your newest follower - Would love for you to check out my blog and follow back if you like it.

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