Wednesday, March 2

Trading Post - Versatile wreath is going green

This is the other project I completed during my crafty date with Amie from Kittycats and Airplanes. We had decided to explore our "inner Irish" and celebrate St Patrick's day in crafts.  . After Christmas and Valentine's, it was time to go green for another incarnation of my tulle wreath.

First I crafted some fabric shamrocks

 And some satin flowers with gold button centers

See her blog for more pictures :)


PS :  My little play tent was.... 


  1. I love how much mileage you are getting from that wreath!

  2. I ADORE those shamrocks! Oh wow ... so cute on that wreath. On my way over to vote now--so deserved!

  3. so cute and versatile!!! I'm having a party over here if you'd like to join...

  4. That's a great idea on reusing the wreath base. Looks like you had fun putting this together. Love the fabric shamrocks.

  5. so pretty! i love the fact that your wreath base is being reused!thanks for linking up!


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