Tuesday, March 15

Quilt Expo 2011- Part 2 - Liberated

The classic quilting is so neat, tidy, organized. This is glorious chaos and totally counter intuitive for me and my OCD brain. But while I'm pretty sure I could not stray that far from a classic quilt, I admire the wonders created by free spirits. I hope to be able to free myself enough one day to infuse some of this beauty in my creations.
Rosanna Morgan -Really Dancing Squares
Kathy Kleeman - Sundown
Kathy Kleeman - Identity Crisis

Marsha Vogel -
Completely dotty and spinning out of control

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  1. This amazes me. That "Really Dancing" quilt is incredible. I have a hard enough time trying to sew a straight line, let alone master the skill of crooked. Amazing.


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