Monday, March 21

Stash disclosure - Pre-stashbust

So it's part of the deal with the Spring Stashbust: Stash disclosure. Since you have to show it all. I figured I'd also give you a peek of my studio. It hasn't changed too much since my hubby and I gutted and redid the whole room except for a corner now dedicated to taking photos.
Current state - after serious tidying  ( I often have to push piles aside to use the cutting mat)

On the left, my trusted Pfaff nicknamed Victoria

On the right, the photo corner with tripod and light box under the table 

On the left, ribbon stash pins, needles, scissors etc
On the right, threads, fabric cutters and other sharp objects 

On the left, more ribbons and lace trim, labels and printable fabrics
On the right buttons and beading supplies

My button collection

Notions : trims, bias tape, velcro, elastic, snaps, more ribbon, more lace.

Botton shelf : satin, fabric flowers, glue
Middle shelf - Fat quarters and more thread
To shelf: Provence prints, velvets, corduroy,wool cloth

Bottom shelf: black and white calicos and solids, brocades, tulle and chiffons
Middle shelf: cotton prints - for quilting and dressmaking
Top shelf: special projects 4 quilts are brewing there.

Usually in the bottom cabinet:
Bottom box: minky and flannels
Middle box: fleece
Top box: Vintage lace and wide lace trims

2 boxes of scrap
On the left, smaller, for doll clothing and scrappy projects
On the right, larger pieces up to fat quarter size

Not pictured : batting for 2 of the quilts in project, poly beads and poly stuffing, various weight of stiffener and interfacing, foam, spray paint and spray adhesive, I bin of donated clothing item waiting for upcycling.

This past 2 weekends I did some de cluttering that warranted a trip to goodwill. Tomorrow is day 1 of the challenge, I'm ready to bust some stash.
Oh and You can still sign up here 


  1. You are way, way neater than I.

  2. Oh my, you've got some busting to do!

    I'm in awe of how organised everything is and what a fantastic work space!

  3., can I come over and plaY???

  4. Now THAT is the neatest bunch of stash I've ever seen!!! I aspire to your greatness!


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