Wednesday, March 16

Design dilemma in my living room

Do you remember this photo ?

On a sunny day

Yes it's my dining room table, just before Christmas. I don't have a dining room per say, it's a combo dining/living room. While the above photo was taken in broad daylight, this room turns into a dark pit as soon as the sun is down and is sad and gloomy when the weather is overcast despite the cheerful wall colors (see proof below).  The biggest problem we have in this room is : lighting

See what I mean ? Same table, Christmas Eve just before dinner

Why the previous owners decided get rid of  the only ceiling light in this room and cover it with wallboard is still a mystery to me but my hubby and I found it {yay!} 
So as soon as the light box is rewired properly I can go shopping for a new fixture. Well I already started. I need something contemporary with a classic feel and that doesn't hang too low because the ceiling isn't that high either. 
This is what I found so far : 

What do you think ?? 


  1. I can't be of much help, sorry! I have a chandelier pretty close in style to what you show here, you can see it on this post:

    and after seven years of looking at it, I'm ready for a different style, something more romantic. Good luck in finding the perfect one for you.

  2. I like the second one the best. Good Luck!

  3. I really like the second one, too!


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