Sunday, September 25

What I have been up to this week - Week 39

This week has been nothing short of crazy work-wise for both my hubby and me. Really early mornings, really late nights on Monday, tuesday and Wednesday... Really really tired Thursday, Friday. Poor Bug didn't get much mommy and daddy time all week so we kept the weekend extra cuddly and quiet: we all slept in, enjoyed late breakfast and staying at home for the most part.

I was way too tired for much crafting this weekend but I cleaned up the studio and snapped photos of recently finished projects. After that Bug and I watched "Tangled" huddled together.

Then Bug asked about her Halloween costume. Thankfully she did not say she wanted to be Rapunzel  (big relief!). But guess what: Bug still asked to be a princess. I pulled out last year's costume and while the skirt still fits, Bug had outgrown the jacket, well the sleeves. I unpicked them and made new sleeves with matching fabric and reusing what I could of the existing sleeves. Bug approved: she wore it for the rest of the day :) 

In other news, we had our first follow up appointment at Kennedy Krieger since starting the ADHD medication. Bug is doing awesome and even though the treatment messes up with her appetite during day time, her weight has been mostly stable. So far. it's been the only side affect. The benefits are so overwhelmingly positive, we are glad we went through with the medication. She has been doing really great in school, much better than we ever had hoped for. We are staying the course and will follow up again in December. 
What have you been up to?

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