Tuesday, September 27

A housewarming present

My friend Angela just made a big move: she bought her first house!! She is very excited about getting it furnished and turned into her ideal nesting spot. I made a pair of throw pillow covers to go on her fancy new couch. Since Angela prefers neutral colors and solids I figured something with an interesting texture would be better than my usual color explosions. 

A barely seafoam green toile with brown, gold and beige was married with this fun pin tuck diamond satin out of my stash

The chocolate brown specks on the toile match the satin perfectly

I think it's going to look great on Angela's sofa


  1. Oh what fun to help a friend with her own house. I am sure she is going to love the piloow covers, I know I would. What a sweet friend. The best gifts are the handmade from the heart gifts.

  2. What a lucky friend! I really like the pintuck fabric.

  3. The texture, the contrast and the sheen together really make them pop!

  4. Positively lovely! Angela is a lucky gal, all the way around!

  5. So luxurious! What wonderful fabric! Lucky girl! ;)


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