Tuesday, September 6

What I have been up to - Weeks 36

I thought this week would be quieter after all the commotion of last week ( earthquake AND hurricane the same week .. wow). Well there has been more commotion. At work. My new boss quit, barely 4 months after taking over the department. The news was a bit of a shocker. We'll see what this all brings. Hopefully good things for the team. Bug had a good first week at school despite a bit of a snafu with lunches. 

Busy week on the home front too: my hubby and I finished staining the deck posts, the terrace and deck handrails and re-organized Bug's bedroom a bit. I also tackled the ever growing problem of my closet and dresser. The long overdue task that resulted in a large pile of donations and a trash bag of odds and ends and I found a few "long lost" items. 

Then this morning my hubby finally admitted we needed to do something after what was one morning too many waking up sore. Off we went to buy a new mattress. Bug had a great time "helping " us test the various models. We settled on a firm support mattress which will be delivered tomorrow. I CAN'T WAIT. My back has been a mess since we came back from France!

I did find some time to craft. Another pair of jeans has found another life and I've started putting together a new necklace. Pictures to come soon. I also finally pulled out my corduroy stash to make a fall/winter dress for bug. It's coming along nicely but I had to stop because I need my little model to check the fit. Time to go to bed... this long weekend went by way too fast

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