Friday, September 2

Lavender sachets

One of the things I can never get tired of is the smell of lavender. It's fresh and soothing and makes me feel like I'm home. I brought back a large bag of dried lavender blooms from our last trip to Provence and some fabric too. It only took half an hour to make those sachets. 

My studio smelled heavenly with all this lavender!

 A little ribbon to tie them closed. 

Aren't they adorable ?
I'm keeping a couple but most of them are going to friends


  1. I agree - lavender is heavenly - what a nice souvenir from your trip!!

  2. I agree - lavender is heavenly - what a nice souvenir.

  3. acabo de descubrir tu blog y me gusta mucho, si tienes un rato te invito a visitar el mio.
    un saludo Maca

  4. wow! that lavender bags are surely a great way to store your lavender! Thanks for sharing this with us. Have a lovely weekend!



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