Sunday, October 30

What I've been up to - Week 43

Another busy week for the whole family. Poor Bug missed two days of school: home sick with mommy working from home to keep an eye on her. Poor mommy also sick. This was also my last week before transferring to my new position at work. So on top of wrapping up as much as possible and passing on all the information that needed to be passed on, I also had to pack up my stuff to move one floor up. And then the hubby had to stay at work a couple of nights. And I had to squeeze in making a Halloween costume for a friend - Doesn't she look angelic as a nun ? Needless to say by Friday night I was wiped. 
No rest over the weekend though. Friday night the hubby and I had to dig out a path to the washer in the basement so the dead one could be hauled away and the new one delivered. 

Then Saturday, after the machine was installed and while I was wadding through the mountain of laundry the OCD bug bit me and I spent most of the day reorganizing the whole utility room, moved storage shelves and cabinets around, rearranged tools and supplies. Hours of cleaning and tidying and finding long lost items (always a bonus) while it was snowing - yes unbelievable but true- snowing outside. 

Today saw a long overdue project finally come to life ... I have a proper mantel on my fireplace!!! Yay, that only took 7 years. Uncle John and I put this baby together in a couple of hours. He did the cutting - I have a very strong aversion for table saws - I did the measuring, the drilling, nailing and caulking. The result is great!!  I still need to finishing sanding and painting so you'll have to wait a bit for the reveal ... But this is a picture of the early stages this morning.

 After that was done, Bug her dad and I carved pumpkins,

Bug insisted on classic Jack-O-Lanterns

 decorated the front porch

   and while daddy was off grocery shopping Bug and I baked (and ate) some pumpkin cookies.

Yep, all that crammed in one week...

What have you been up to?


  1. Girls and daddies carving pumpkins - what could be better. My girls and their Dad carved pumpkins this weekend too.

    Love the nun costume you made for your friend - she is a lucky friend.

    That darn OCD bug!!

  2. I too need a proper mantel for my fireplace, but it's only been four years without one!

    Those pumpkin cookies look delicious.

  3. Your energy makes me tired. :) Hope you both are feeling better.


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