Sunday, October 2

What I've been up to - Week 40

Fall has set in here in MD. I'm not ready. Not ready to give up summer, not ready to brave cold temperatures, rain, wind and eeek snow. Are you ready for winter? I'm still looking forward to the holidays and will be starting with the Christmas present "production".

Bug had another good week at school, while I had another really busy week at work, and another to follow since it's my turn for the on-call rotation.
A busy week in the house too with couple more home improvement projects completed. After 7 years, I finally have a power outlet on the front porch, in time for the holidays too !! Some more cabling also finished as we switched internet providers and are now a VoIP house: No more landline, our telephone goes through the internet but that involved a hole in the ceiling of the studio, a lot of furniture shoved aside, along with dust and plaster. 

Not much crafting possible in these conditions so I've been busy making fabric flowers and making pretty slippers out of plain ones. After all the mess was finally cleaned up, I tidied up the studio and I'm ready for some crafting.

At least this weekend was quiet and restful. We all went to visit Aunt Joan and Uncle John, had a simple family dinner and bug had a chance to play dress up with this fabulous traditional dress that her great grand father brought back from Korea. Unfortunately it is still a bit too long so not a option for a Halloween costume until next year at least.


  1. Beautiful dress ~ ah next year!

    Susan and Bentley
    @ Ash Tree Cottage

  2. No I'm not ready for Winter either and I'm really not looking forward to it at all.
    We've been having a bit of a freak heatwave at the moment which is very welcome to prolong the Summer. Actually the Summer wasn't very good at all so it's not really prolonging it; it is it!


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