Monday, October 17

Oops, I shopped - The loot

As promised here are pictures of the loot I brought back from my shopping expeditions in Pennsylvania:

A few zippers ($2)

Lace appliqu├ęs  $2 for 6 pieces - I got 3 sets of 6

Beaded appliques ($1 a piece)

Ruffled trim ca. $4 for 18 yards spools

Eyelet lace - $4 for a 18 yards spool

Large ribbon spools ca. $5 for 100 yards
Smaller spools 4 for $1
Elastic - $0.30 per bundle 

And buttons fished out of a huge caldron ... $6 for a pound - I got 12 ounces

 I also got a few yards of fabric for $1 a yard and some lace for Amie - Kitty Cats and Airplanes (she shopped with us by proxy via texting and photos...

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