Sunday, October 16

Oops, I shopped - the store

Today was fun, today was shopping day. Aunt Joan, Shari, Morgane and myself piled up in Joan's van and headed to Harrisburg, PA to go to a fabric discounter Joan spotted a couple of weeks ago. The day she spotted the store she said it was GREAT and that I HAD to go back to the store with her and no hubby or kids in tow. Boy was she right... It was heaven and pretty much everything was bargain priced.
You enter and this is what you see:

A whole wall of zippers of all colors and sizes

Broadcloth and satin

Bolts and bolts of fleece

And trim heaven

Ribbons and laces in all colors

Suiting fabrics

Upholstery supplies and fabrics

$1 and $2 a yard bargains

A selection of calicos for under $4 a yard

And buttons galore

This is us, all shopped out, at a local dinner

I was shopping for trims and I did get quite a bit of that, and also buttons and notions, and some fabrics for a friend's Halloween costume. And stayed under budget...  YAY!  Pictures of the loot coming up tomorrow. What an awesome day :)


  1. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGG you are so right I am jealous out of my mind!! So bummed I couldn't go... Dude, we need to do this SOON.

  2. That shop is amazing!!!! I am literally desperatr to visit! Our shops here are just boring and rubbish, I often joke that even the fabric section in walmart is bigger and better than our fabric shops!!

    I then semi joke with my girlfriends that we should fly to the states for a weekend, take no clothes and cram our suitcases with fabric! x

  3. I hurt my heart. With you how wonderful things are available.


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