Sunday, May 1

What I've been up to - Week 18

This has been a roller coaster week. It started by the confirmation of the demise of my laptop Icarus, due to fried motherboard. Hindsight, maybe I should have chosen a different name. Thankfully though, my husband insisted on making backups, which I regularly did by cloning my disk on an external drive, Deadalus.

RIP, Icarus
For the most part, this blog has been on "autopilot" with a lot of post scheduled after updating drafts as best as I could with our old (6+ years) family computer. Uploading photos from the camera makes the poor old thing choke and emailing from my cellphone was downright painful. 

Now for the better part. My husband got hired in a new job. To celebrate the pay raise, Mother's day and my upcoming birthday, he gave me the green light to order a new laptop that got delivered Friday. I plugged my backup disk and like magic, all my documents and settings, all my applications got restored, just like nothing had happened. Meet my new laptop, Phoenix (a MacBook Pro - 2011 model). 
Photo from Apple Store
Now I have to catch up on over 3 weeks of emails. I apologize to whomever I have not replied to yet. Working on it!

I didn't get a chance to spend any time in my studio other than for chasing dirt tracked from outside and the usual dust thread bunnies, there was way too much going on around the house to get anything done. This week was dedicated to taking care of work outside the house. Yard TLC and some long overdue deck refurbishing were the main courses on our menu. A lot of lugging, chopping, digging, staining, raking was involved. Both projects are moving along but there is still some work to be done. Hopefully we can get this advanced before it starts raining this afternoon.I hope to post photos of the final results this week. 

And maybe, after I am done climbing Mount Laundry, I'll have a chance to reunite with my mom cave... 

What have you been up to ?

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  1. Congrats on the new laptop! (And I have tech envy as I sit here on my old family computer lusting after an iMac.) And congrats on the pay raise, too. Awesome weekend!


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