Monday, May 2

Rosebuds headband

We are still dealing with the aftermath of Bug's "self-inflicted" hair styling a month ago. Most of our friends and even some complete strangers assured us this is a rite of passage, that a lot of preschoolers will find a pair of scissors and give themselves a horrible haircut, a simple google search proved it. I asked my mom and she said I escaped this one, apparently I was too interested in giving my dolls a haircut to fix up my own hair.

Thankfully, Bug didn't hurt herself in the process and since hair grows back, it's not big deal, I know. Bug's hair is growing back sooooo sloooowly. And Bug still wants to be a princess. So I've been making a few hair accessories. 
Like this rosebud headband.

Bangs are looking terrible but Bug is so cute right ?


  1. awww! she's beautiful no matter what ;) I'm dreading the day my little one discovers scissors. She is such a rebel, I'm fairly certain she'll cut her hair AND her brothers.

  2. Very cute. I have a friend that actually is making these and selling them for like $7 each. She seems to be selling a lot.

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  3. I have 5 granddaughters thankfully only 1 was scissor happy. She cut her own and her baby sisters hair:) It does grow back and you can laugh about it years from now.

  4. Adorable! Your little girl looks so cute wearing it :)

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  5. She's so cute! I remember cutting my hair when I was little. Never did it again! Thanks for linking to my Share the Love link party!

  6. Mine discovered scissors the morning we were getting ready for pictures! She cut one side to the scalp. I was chewing all over her and my mom said "did you ever tell her NOT to cut her hair?" Uuuuuhhhmm. Dangit!

  7. I love this flower, too! Great headband. Have a good day!

  8. Your little bug is a darling! Where would I find a tutorial for that I am wondering, it is a beautiful flower. Did you make it?
    Hugs, Cindy

  9. Gorgeous! My daughter managed to go through that rite of passage 3 TIMES so trust me, it could be worse. ;-)

  10. the headband is so cute and Bug is so lovely! thanks for sharing!


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