Sunday, May 22

What I have been up to - Week 21

This week was my turn to be on-call for work, as usual this mean little sleep and a lot of stress. More doctors appointments, more stress. One saving grace was my postage stamp front yard showing its best colors for spring. This year, I added a few more perennials (pincushions, plox, sulfur cosmos that will bloom throughout the summer season, unlike the lilies, irises and daylilies that will show their splendor only for a few weeks a year.

The hubby and I have been busy clearing up all the leftover mess from rebuilding our deck. The back patio is ready for us to enjoy some nice weather. After such a rainy week, the sunshine this weekend felt wonderful. 

It was also a week of celebration, 500+ readers that take the time to follow my ramblings. Thank you. Five for 500 started with those four giveaways:

the book "Small Stash Sewing"  and a sewing kit HERE (ends May 23rd)

- a pattern from Craftaholic Anonymous'  Etsy store HERE  (ends May 24th)

- a bracelet and matching earrings from Kitty Cats and Airplanes HERE (ends May 25th)
- a $25 store credit to Flamingo Toes' Etsy store HERE (ends May 26th)

The 5th giveaway will be published tomorrow :) if you are wondering about the weird schedule... it's because we will be out of town next weekend.

The crafting highlights of the week : Amie and I had another crafty play date (more to come on that soon) and I  finished another Layla handbag, this one for my little sister, in her favorite colors.

Funny how we get along so great and still have such different tastes ...

I almost forgot ... more flowers 

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  1. It's nice that you can step outside your front door and be greeted by those beautiful plants and flowers. It must lift your spirits on your way to work!


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