Monday, May 30

Memorial day weekend - upstate NY

We took the opportunity of the long weekend to visit my in-laws (father/mother/brother/future sister) and my hubby's childhood friends. On Saturday evening, we had a fun and somewhat improvised get-toghether in the backyard that involved goodies snagged on the way over from a fabulous german deli (Liehs and Steigerwald if you live in the Syracuse NY area).

Coneys, tasty hotdogs along with pasta and potato salad and other goodies were on the menu along with fun, Frisbee and a looot of running around and giggling.

Sunday was much fun too. In the morning, Bug played soccer with Grandma and Daddy then it was bubbles time. Really. Lots and lots of bubble soap, more running and giggling.

Grandpa also took a lot of pictures while relaxing in the grass. He lost a lot of weight but is still dealing with his chemo treatments quite gracefully and with lots of humor despite the unpleasant side effects. 

The only bubbles interruptions were to help dandelions spreading over Grandpa's lawn

In the afternoon we all went to the Utica Zoo were bug was able to pet a turtle and feed a funny looking lizard amongst other fun things. 

I almost forgot to mention the chocolate ice cream

We finished the day with southern style barbecue and a cheesecake. Yum. Here goes my diet but for this time, I really don't care. Who counts calories on those special occasions anyway?

I hope you also had a nice relaxing weekend with family and friends and also remembered to honor t those who have ever server under the Nation's flag and of course those who are serving now. 

Happy Memorial Day. 

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