Sunday, May 15

What I have been up to - Week 20

This has been a very extraordinary week to say the least. First thing on Monday, my manager announced he had resigned to take a position in Boston. His last day was Friday and the whole team has been quite shaken up. We have an interim manager until a decision is made about his replacement. Here is to hoping for a smooth transition, which ever way the company choose to go. 

Thursday I had another doctor's appointment (ugh). It turns out the surgery in March was not completely successful. So back to square one, or almost. Except with another team of doctors. My mood has been oscillating between utterly discouraged by the setback and hopeful because I like my new doctor a lot. I have more exams and doctors visits coming up. Hopefully they will figure out what is REALLY going on and fix it fast. Plus my hubby was out of town half of the week, in the middle of nowhere Canada (read no cell phone coverage), so an all over craptastic week.

In the crafting department, not so much got done because I have been so distracted by the situation at work and the whole thing with switching doctors.  I also finished staining the basement stairs which made access a bit of a challenge since my studio is down there and hoping over every other step is not something I wanted to do more than strictly necessary.

I played some more with Kanzashi flowers techniques with increasing success. 

And then I finally bound my mom's wallhanging. 

Last night I had some friends over for a small birthday party rolled up with a farewell party for my now ex-boss: crab cakes, ribs and Boston creme pie were on the menu along with good friends and some good laughs. My birthday is today. Just in case you were wondering, I'm still 21 (in my head) just with one more year of experience :) 

This morning, my friend Deedee took me out for brunch with Bug at the Cheesecake Factory(yumm). I had my favorite: eggs Benedict, and Bug was her adorable self the whole time. We got home and planted the flowers Deedee got for me. Then I check my email and found a ton of birthday wishes and also received a message from the hubby who is on his way back from Canada. Things were looking up. 
Deedee and Bug
As an added bonus, I just found out that the 500 readers mark for this blog was reached overnight. Thank you for the great birthday present!  I have a couple of giveaways lined up starting tomorrow to celebrate the milestone. Stay tuned: the first one will be posted tomorrow. 


  1. well...if you have to suffer a lousy week then the way to finish is at the cheesecake factory! hope things improve and happiest of birthdays!


  2. The quilt is gorgeous! Sorry to hear about the wild week for you.

    Happy Birthday!

  3. Oh - I am sorry for the ickiness of the week but so glad for the friendships that made it end on a much better note!!

    Here's to a new week.

  4. Sorry you had such a terrible week, Caroline. It sounds like you had a very nice birthday, though. Happy Birthday!

  5. Sorry you've had a bad week.

    Happy Birthday!


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