Sunday, June 12

What I have been up to - Week 24

Not the best week I have to confess. At work, our interim manager has now become permanent. I'm not sure how things are going to work out. This will be a complete change from my previous boss for sure. And I've been stressing out about Bug and her school. The meeting in on Wednesday and I'm not sure we have all the information we need in our hands. 

To complicate things, my health problem are interfering a lot, at work and at home. I've been in a lot of pain most days which is not very conducive to rational thinking. Thankfully my doctor gave me a new prescription that will help me function until the second surgery, next month. It's been working so far. While yesterday afternoon was quite miserable, after 1 pill, the evening was much better and today I've been so far pain free. 

On the plus side of my week, my hubby has been awesome at helping out around so the house is very presentable, all the household chores have been taken care of so I can enjoy a really quiet Sunday. We were going to go to HonFest (a local even in Baltimore, half an hour away) with some friends but they decided to take it easy today and after my rough week, I'm glad to do the same.

 I've actually started on this by enjoying my morning coffee on the back deck. The reclining chairs we bought last weekend are so comfy, especially now that we added footstools!! 

We went to the local farmer's market, got some fresh fruit, veggies and bread and I showed off my fancy market tote - even my hubby said it looks very cool.

Then it was time to retreat inside: It is  hot and humid today with a good chance of thunderstorms in the evening. 

I've only completed very small projects this week : a couple of outfits for Princess Fiona and adding ties on the new chair's seat cushions. Oh and some fabric flowers... but that's always on the menu.

Last but not least, I think the best of my week actually happened late yesterday evening. My blog bestie and I spent over an hour on the phone exchanging ideas and just chatting away. It was like catching up with a long lost friend and it was AWESOME. I just know it's the first of many chats. Love it!! Looking forward to more.

What have you been up to? 


  1. Good luck this week at work at with Bug's school meeting. Hope the prescriptions work their magic and that you're back to full speed soon. Thanks so much for the advice--I so needed all of it. :)

  2. I'm glad the new pills are working.
    Enjoy your coffees out on the deck, take care.


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