Tuesday, June 28

From the back seat

Good morning my dears,

I know I have been scarce lately and I'm going to be scarce a little bit longer. So many things are going on right now in our lives that I'm having a hard time keeping up. Despite my efforts to keep up blogging has been taking the back seat.  I have a whole line up of projects to show you but no time to make it happen. I've decided it would be best to just regroup and be back in few days.

To keep you entertained I may just repost a couple of older projects that deserve a second look. If any of you is interested in guest posting in the mean time, just email me. 

Thank you for your patience!! I'll be back soon.


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  2. Real life always comes first! Relax, regroup, breathe. We'll see you and your awesome projects when you get back.


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