Sunday, July 25

Tutorial - Doll Kimono - Part 2

You can find the first part of the tutorial along with the supply list here
* Use an existing piece of doll clothing to evaluate the length / width of fabric needed
* Fold the fabric as shown so that the top 2 flaps overlap enough for closure of the kimono

* Place again the existing doll top on your fabric and trace the side adding extra for sewing allowance/ loose fit
* Mark the center of the back and the position of the sleeve on the top of the back
* Clip off the sides with pinking scissors (including what will be the end of the sleeves)
* Clip off a shallow V on the back using the marks on the back 

* Cut the 2 fronts to form the V-neck collar

* Stitch the arms and sides
* Hem the sleeves

* Apply bias tape all around (no pictures sorry - they all came out blurry) 
 * Using a seam reaper, open a little section of the side seam at waist height to insert the belt (Bias tape stitched together)

And there is Princess Fiona modeling the result

And the pink version of the same design

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