Sunday, July 18

Creativity reborn

My name is Caroline and I am a craftaholic. 
The past 6 years I have been working full time in a rather stressful environment for a technology company. I'm also the mom of a 4 year old, the wife of a great guy that is a complete technology geek, and the owner of a fixer-upper house. All of this happen to suck in a lot of energy and I had been denying my creative side an output for a while. Those days are over. Not only do I paint, cook and bake. Now I sew and quilt. I even have a great creative space just for it.

Late last year, I stumbled into the craft blogging world. That's when the dam broke lose. I was addicted. Since then I've been needing my daily dose of blog reading and my crafting fix too.  It didn't take very long until I naturally had to start a blog. At first it was only an output to my daily frustrations, and it still is sometimes. But it is so much more. 

A couple of months ago, my sweet old grand mother passed away. Combine this with a pretty nasty phase at work, I was in a depression tailspin. No energy beyond that needed to care for the bare minimum. For weeks I stayed cooped up at home. Not one bit of creativity left. Not even enough for cooking. 

Enter Craftaholic Anomymous (a blog I have been following for the past 6 months or so), and Linda, Craftaholic in Chief. In the deep of my slump I stumbled on her "Christmas in July" gift exchange. Somehow the post stuck something else in me. I do love challenges. And this was one. Create something with a deadline. And suddenly, the creative me was back at the wheel. Since the gift exchange, the mojo is back.  I've been tackling at least a project a week since mid-june. So I recently divided my blogging in two outputs: the original journal/relief blog and this one, the creativity blog...  I feel reborn

This is what I made for Erika, my "Giftee" - An evening clutch 

And these are the cute hair clips I received from my "gifter" McEnzey

They were immediately adopted by my little Princess

Thank you Linda, Erika and McEnzey


  1. Caroline,
    Blogging is amazing! I'm so glad the exchange got you crafting again. I'm sorry for your loss, but I'm happy to hear you're creating again.

    Love the clutch you made! I'm sure your giftee was ecstatic when she opened her package! Way to go! and those flower hair clips are super cute for your little princess :)

    Thanks for linking up and showing off your gifts! I love seeing what everyone made! The next Gift Exchange will be in November, I hope you sign up again :)
    happy crafting,

  2. Thank you for your kind thoughts!
    I am so happy you are taking time to post your feedback. I'm a big fan and wish I was just half as talented as you are. Instead of fixing computer software troubles I'd be creating all day long ! :)
    I will continue to do what I can when I can and hopefully share it with other crafty bloggers.
    I'm pretty sure I will take part in the November gift exchange. I was fun and exciting.

    Have a lovely and crafty week !



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