Tuesday, August 16

Fabric heaven

During our vacation, I could not resist a little shopping expedition. My mom took me to this fabric heaven a few miles from her place. Let's face it, if I lived this close to this store my stash problem would be way worse than it currently is...

Imagine your local JoAnn's or Hobby Lobby store surface, with ONLY fabrics, all in wide bolts 55" or wider. HUGE

Great selections of florals and kid prints

Cheerful stripes and fruity prints

So many lovely damasks

Bolts and bolts of solids

Ribbon and trims galore

And a second floor just for window treatments and upholstery fabrics

Heaven !!
I picked up a few yards of fabric for Bug and found a couple larger remnants that were not tagged, which the store manager sold me for $1.50 Euro (about $2) a piece, some are 3+ yards long. What a great bargain!!!

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  1. I'd be inlove with a place like this. Do they have a website.


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