Sunday, August 28

What I have been up to - Weeks 35

Some week we just had !! First an earthquake on tuesday, then hurricane Irene last night. And on top of all that, we had to get ready for Bug's first day of kindergarten (which has been postponed by one day due to the hurricane aftermaths). We have been so busy I wouldn't have had any crafting done until today if we hadn't been sent home early after the earthquake. 

I used the unexpected time off to refinish this table and chairs to setup a homework station for Bug. 

Speaking of bug, after debating the pros and cons for days and researching extensively all our options, weighing the risks vs. benefits, we started her on medication for ADHD, the lowest possible dosage. So far she is doing great. She is our bug, but she is more settled not doing 10 things at the same time. We are now so much more optimistic about school. I'd be glad to hear your take on this issue.

In the family news, my FIL just finished his chemo. We are all anxious to find out about his control scans.

Irene only made minor damages in our neighborhood,  we were lucky the power didn't go out even at the worst of the storm. Last weekend, we went to our favorite farm to pick peaches and apples. Since we were stuck home most of the weekend, I was able to make some poached apples and peach jelly.  Yumm! But being holed up while Irene was raging out gave us a bit of cabin fever.

Late this morning, we walked around the neighborhood and found small branches and leaves everywhere, a few larger broken limbs...


and uprooted trees. 
Look how waterlogged the ground is !!

Bug was adorable with her little bumblebee umbrella

And I managed to sprain my ankle less then a block from home. On a big chestnut. Mpff!!

Finally this afternoon, after going through the pile of clothes needing mending/hemming/buttons to be restitched, I had some time left for a fun upcyling project. Come back tomorrow to see it ! It involves this fabric:

What have you been up to ?


  1. Hi Caroline,
    My daughter is ADHD too. She was not diagnosed until grade 5. She used to take cartwheel breaks while doing homework. I had to make matching shorts for every dress she had. She danced and sang and twirled down the aisles of the grocery store. We have had quite a journey!
    We tried many different medications until we found the right one for her. As she grew the dosage had to be adjusted. One doctor suggested taking her off meds in the summer - that was a mistake. It is not a classroom illness it is a lifetime thing.
    She is now almost 18 and doing soooo much better. She is taking an extra year to finish high school but that is ok. A couple of years ago she started horse back riding. She has become an accomplished rider with incredible focus.
    One helpful resource was a documentary made by two Canadian comedians about adult ADD. I really got some insight into the workings of an ADHD and ADD brain. Their website is

    My best advise is to do your own research and become your child's advocate. Trust that you know your child better than the professionals. If you do not agree with something they say or do, find another. Prepare yourself as you will have many battles to fight in the future.


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