Sunday, August 21

What I have been up to - Weeks 34

Jet lag is behind us. We have settled back in our routine. Or have we? Bug has turned 5 this summer. In a week she will be starting Kindergarten. A big milestone.  When Bug was 18 months old we knew something was off in her acquisition of language. It took almost a year to finally get a referral to have her evaluated.  If you are a regular, you know that Bug has been in Special Ed for the past 2 years and will be attending the local school in a regular class albeit with some additional help. Back in April, we expressed our concerns to our pediatrician one more time and she directed us to the Kennedy Krieger Institute. After a long 4-months wait, we finally had our first appointment this week. Four letters entered our universe: ADHD.

We are  not completely stunned. We have known for a long time bug was not like other kids her age, in a subtle manner. In hindsight everything is starting to make sense.  We have a long road ahead figuring out the best strategies to help Bug overcome this challenge and realize her full potential. This is a big step though. Somehow this is a big relief too. We have been told for the longest time Bug's language delay was due to the bilingualism in our household, that everything would just resolve itself and that we were just worry warts. I'm so glad we decided to ignore the "wait and see" advice and got help for Bug quickly. And now she will be getting better, more targeted help and we will learn how to best help her too. 

Between recovering from jet lag,  the school preparations and trying to figure out how to organize our life to make things easier for bug, my studio and this blog have been gravely neglected. I'm hoping to squeeze some crafting time this week. We'll see :) 

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  1. Bravo for trusting your gut and pushing ahead to find help for Bug! Your instincts as her mother as one of the most powerful tools you have as you help her on this journey. Having a diagnosis in hand is both overwhelming, but also freeing--it gives you a place to start and {finally} some targeted ways to help. Good luck getting ready for school and can't wait to see your next project. *{Hugs}*


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