Sunday, February 12

Behind the scene the past two months...

I haven't posted a weekly update in a really long time. Too much craziness. Not enough hours in the day. Feeling overwhelmed and out of control. But I kept on crafting, because the creative process is what helps me keeping it together. I didn't want to shut the blog down either but I had to slow the posting rhythm and cut down dramatically on the time I spent responding to emails. To those who wrote, thank you and please forgive my lack of response. I did have to make some choices about this blog to make time for things of life. 

Behind the scene, I've been struggling with health concerns some more. Just before Christmas, I found out  I had to have a third surgery, which happened this past week and finally my doctor confirmed this is IT ... all clear, no more surgeries or medications needed. While I'm still recovering from the procedure, I am psyched the 13 months of nightmare are behind me, soon just a bad memory. I will still need to focus on my health for a while: I need to loose some more weight, eat better, exercise more and this means blogging may still be slow or even spotty, email responses may be slow. But I'll still be around :) ... and so much happier already.

What have you been up to?


I would love hearing from you. I read all comments and time permitting will respond to all.

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