Friday, July 18

Is this thing still on?

OK I did kind of vanish on everybody, except those following me on Facebook. It's been a very busy year and change.

Flashback to March 2013: we finally received approval to buy our dream house, yes, the one that sat empty for 4 years while the bank was making the short sale of the property a complete nightmare. 

We signed in April and after 6 weeks of getting the most urgent repairs taken care of (mold remediation, roof leak, and get the kitchen & one bathroom functional), we finally moved in. 

Since then we have been slowly turning the train wreck into our home. We are reclaiming the jungle surrounding it and turning it into a civilized yard. Our new neighbors welcomed us with glee and helped us along the way. 

Here is a list of what we've done so far:

- remodel 2 bathrooms 
- repaint 4 bedrooms and hang drapes
- repaint the front hall, living room, dining room
- remodel the master bedroom
- spruce up the kitchen
- demo the master bathroom

We still have a long road ahead but since we don't plan on moving any time soon, we are taking things a bit slower from now on. We still plan on finishing the  master bathroom renovation in the near future but the rest will wait!

I think there will be a few posts in the near future to show all the before and after pictures, what do you think?

Oh and on the plus side, I now have a HUGE studio. Really, really huge. 

Sooo forgive me?


  1. Congratulations, especially for your new studio!

    1. I follow u on twitter and stumbled across your blog! Congrats on the gorgeous house! Wish u all the best! While it's a lot to do it is worth it the end! Glad u have a huge studio!!!


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