Monday, December 3

Onto Easy Street - Part 2

Part 2 of Easy Street brought a bit of a challenge for me ... Flying geese.. my first ever. I was a bit nervous but thankfully the instructions were easy to follow and it turned out to  be much easier than I was expecting.

2" strips

A lot of cutting

Piecing and ironing, then more piecing

It worked a lot better once I engaged my machine's handy dandy even feed

So after 3 sessions of cutting. sewing, ironing, clipping I have conquered my fear of the flying geese (and bias piecing)... TADA !!

All counted and bagged 

Along with last week's

in a giant zipper plastic bag... bring it on week 3 :) 

See everybody else's progress here in Quiltville


  1. Caroline,
    You did such a great job on your geese. Getting over your fear of geese is wonderful. You will open up many options on future project. Love the yellow, with the black & white 4-patches. Can't wait to see the next part.

  2. Can't wait to see how the yellow looks in completed blocks, interesting colours. Geese aren't so bad now are they?

  3. Well done you - your geese look fantastic and I love the yellow (but I might be a bit biased as I have also done yellow geese!). Congratulations on conquering your fear.


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